Welcome to ISSO – the laboratory for sustainable business innovation! Today, sustainabilty has become a focus topic in both business and society. Our current global social and ecological challenges justify this movement and require us to act. This situation has led to a point where “sustainability” is being claimed by countless products, companies & organisations.   Have we thus solved the challenges for the future? No. Our idea is to go one step further and show practical examples of how sustainable economy could look like in the future. To that end we have founded “ISSO” – the Institute for Social and Sustainable Oikonomics. It’s our goal to become a “civil society laboratory” - a place where ideas are born and supported in their implementation by us and our partners in business & science. The search for these ideas takes place in various ways. The ISSO|lab serves as the ideal plattform to experiment with social & sustainable innovation. Furthermore, it helps entrepreneurs to build up a network and meet other “change agents” - those people who actively drive social change. In cooperation with universities we are initiating interdisciplinary research around the concept of a sustainable economy. Our goal is to identify concepts that can serve as a model for our region and beyond. You are invitded to participate in this search and implement your idea at ISSO. Feel free to contact us for further information.
A platform for inspiration ISSO|talk provides the backdrop for exchanges between people from academia, business and civil society.
My sustainable business Idea We support Social & Sustainable Entrepreneurs in the development of their business ideas. Learn more about our work.
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May 2015
10. Okt.
10. Okt.
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